• Bridge Builder Formwork – NPEC

    Bridge Builder Formwork: Building a bridge is connecting knowledge with expertise. Improved requirements for road traffic safety are introduced as the economy picks up. The construction of roads and bridges is crucial to traffic expansion. Bridge formwork, a significant applied material in bridge building, has a significant influence on the calibre and […]

  • Steel Fabricators in Jaipur | Fabricators in Jaipur

    Steel Fabricators in Jaipur: NPEC is known as one of the top steel fabrication companies in Jaipur and across India. NPEC incorporates technologically advanced solutions with its production expertise, which hasan unrivaled reputation in the market. Our supreme capacity to offer complete goods, engineering, and structural steel fabricators and erectors […]

  • PEB manufacturing company – Pre Engineered Building Manufacturers in Jaipur

    NPEC: Pioneering the Future of Pre-Engineered Buildings in Jaipur & Beyond NPEC has emerged as a formidable leader in the domain of Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB), not just in Siliguri but also in the bustling city of Jaipur. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, quality, and reliability, NPEC has established itself […]

  • Best steel fabricator & steel manufacturing company in Jaipur

    Best steel fabricator & steel manufacturing company in Jaipur: One of the top businesses in Jaipur offering high-end steel fabrication and manufacturing services is NPEC.  Our in-depth knowledge in this field enables us to provide finished goods of exceptional quality in a timely manner. These Fabrication Services are expertly carried out […]

  • Best steel fabricator & steel manufacturing company in Visakhapatnam

    Best steel fabricator & steel manufacturing company in Visakhapatnam: NPEC will provide you with the finest structures for your projects within quick turnarounds as expected. We have earned a reputation as one of India’s top and best steel manufacturing companies in Vishakhapatnam owing to our excellent productions, reliable customer service, and matchless history […]


    Jacketing is a way of structural retrofitting and strengthening it’s far used to boom bearing load capacity following a amendment of the structural layout or to repair structural design integrity due to a failure within the structural member. Jacketing is the procedure wherein a segment of an existing structural member is restored to unique dimensions or increased in size by using encasement the usage of suitable substances. A metallic reinforcement cage or composite cloth wrap can be built across the damaged segment onto which shotcrete or cast-in- vicinity concrete is located. Collars are jackets that surround best for a part of a column or pier. those are generally used to provide elevated aid to […]

  • Slip Form Shutters

    What is slip form shuttering? Slip Form Shutters: Sliding formwork is a construction method in which concrete is poured into the upper part of continuously moving formwork. As the concrete is poured, the formwork is raised vertically at a rate that allows the concrete to harden before being released from […]

  • Hydraulic lining trolley

    What is Hydraulic lining trolley? A hydraulic lining trolley, also known simply as a lining trolley or pipe-laying trolley, is a piece of equipment used in the construction or maintenance of pipelines. It is specifically designed to support and transport pipe sections during the process of laying or repairing pipelines, […]

  • Single Span bridge fabricator

    Single Span bridge fabricator: NPEC through years of experience has excelled in steel bridge construction and fabrication. DEPENDABILITY & LOGISTICS   NPEC after the initial start of the construction process maintains proper transparency with the customer for complete satisfaction and approval.  any query – [email protected] /+91-94340-19992 Website – visit here Most of […]

  • Railway Tunnel: Railway tunnel in india

    NPEC: Your Most Preferred Railway Tunnel Manufacturer in India Railway Tunnel NPEC: Pioneering Railway Tunnel Fabrication National Power Engineering Company (NPEC) has entrenched itself as a cornerstone in the domain of railway tunnel fabrication, boasting unmatched expertise, innovation, and reliability. Over the span of decades, NPEC has forged a robust […]