#2 What Is Tunnel Gantry & Various Tunnel Gantry

Tunnel Gantry

NPEC Tunnel Formworks or Tunnel Gantry is the most admired product of ours. We have fabricated various Tunnel Formworks till date starting from 3.3mtr dia to 20mtr diameter. Our range includes complete mechanical gantry, complete hydraulic gantry or a combination of mechanical and hydraulic formworks. The shape is as per the requirement of the project namely  Horse Shoe Gantry , Modified Horse Shoe Gantry, D type Gantry , Bellmouth gantry and also special gantries for various locations in the tunnel like Cavern Gantry, Pocket Gantry, T junction or Y junction Gantry  etc.

One of our signature gantry is a 6 mtr long 20mtr dia and 16 mtr high gantry with a concrete lining of 1 mtr. Our tunnel gantries are lightweight yet strong and can be used without any problems for as long as you can. Our gantry can be used for lining upto 1.5 mtr of concrete thickness. The product is customized based on the requirement of our clients.


Some of the advantages of using NPEC tunnel formworks are

1. Light weight yet very robust.
2. Very fast delivery cycle.
3. Our technician installs the gantry and educates the client in its operation and maintenance.
4. Moc1. Self propelled hydraulic tunnel formwork
2. Horse shoe hydraulic/mechanical tunnel gantry
3. D type hydraulic/mechanical tunnel gantry
4. Cavern tunnel gantry
5. Modified horse shoe hydraulic tunnel gantry
6. Pocket tunnel gantry
7. T junction tunnel gantry
8. Y junction tunnel gantry
9. Bellmouth tunnel gantry
10 Mechanical tunnel formwork 11 Box Culvert Gantryk assembly is done at works and hence very fast installation at site.
5. After sales support is very prompt.
6. Best hydraulic components are used which guarantees trouble free operation for years.
7. Every system has a double lock and hence very safe.
8. In house Structural and Hydraulic design team.

Our various tunnel gantry offerings are given below.

  • 1. Self propelled hydraulic tunnel formwork 
  • 2. Horse shoe hydraulic/mechanical tunnel gantry 
  • 3. D type hydraulic/mechanical tunnel gantry 
  • 4. Cavern tunnel gantry 
  • 5. Modified horse shoe hydraulic tunnel gantry 
  • 6. Pocket tunnel gantry 
  • 7. T junction tunnel gantry 
  • 8. Y junction tunnel gantry 
  • 9. Bellmouth tunnel gantry 
  • 10. Mechanical tunnel formwork 
  • 11. Box Culvert Gantry 

The fact that our Tunnel Gantry is the most preferred choice for our customers, our customers demand for various accessories that is required in Tunnel Works. Till date we have fabricated thousands of tons of LATTICE GIRDERS and RIBS for various tunnel projects. The Ribs have been made from ISMB 150, ISMB 200, ISMB 250 and ISHB 200 sections. Apart from this we have manufactured various types of ROCK BOLTS and ANCHOR BOLTS and BEARING PLATES. At times tunnels require STEEL Ducting for air circulation. We have fabricated more than 50Km of Steel Ducting till date for various projects.

Tunnel work accessories

1. Rock bolts
2. Ribs
3. Lattice girders
4. Anchor bolts
5. Bearing plates
6. Sn rock bolts
7. Air duct ventilation pipe line
8. Turn buckle
9. Screw jack
10. Steel flush doors

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