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What is Shuttering?

Shuttering And Formworks Fabricator: Shuttering is a derivative form of Formwork. It is a vertical temporary arrangement which is arranged to obtain the desired concrete shape. It can also be defined as the Formwork which supports vertical arrangement. From a technical point of view, Formwork for footings, columns, and retaining walls is known as Shuttering.

Why is Shuttering a prime product?

Formwork or Shuttering is a temporary or permanent construction which is used as a mould to pour fresh concrete. It is a vertical or horizontal arrangement made to keep the concrete intact in position until it obtains the required shape and strength. The desired mould is, first prepared using steel or iron, and then Formwork is fixed in position without any gaps to pour the concrete. All the engineering wonders that are known for erecting grand buildings and colossal in massive shapes are all possible due to the structuring of such Formwork.

Shuttering and Formworks are the most central products that any fabricator can offer to their customers. Our shutters have been used by various clients to obtain giant projects for Railway, DRDO, NHAI, Mining, and Hydro projects. Along with that, we have the best services in providing the ideal solution for a Bridge Builder. We also provide Kerb ShutterPier Shutters, and Flat Shutters, to our clients as per their specific demands.

Some of our Shutter and Formwork services include:

  • Bridge Builder Formworks
  • Pier Shutters
  • Flat Shutters
  • I Girder Shutters
  • Box Girder Shutters
  • Kerb Shutters
  • Haunch Shutters
  • Culverts
  • Chutes

We, at NPEC supply the complete solution for an engineering marvel. We offer fabricated formworks and shuttering which are based on your requirement. The level of satisfaction we render to our clients is unmatchable. Our services at NPEC take immense pride to state that we have fabricated shutters and formworks with absolute accuracy and perfection to the satisfaction of our customers.

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