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Steel Bridge Fabricator: NPEC through years of experience has excelled in steel bridge construction and fabrication.



NPEC after the initial start of the construction process maintains proper transparency with the customer for complete satisfaction and approval. NPEC uses its own logistic service to transport the raw materials, parts and components to ensure safe and timely supply of materials.

Every bridge component is manufactured under roof, so our production processes are not affected by weather. All our facilities are served by rail spur allowing us to source material tailored to project requirements. We have a strong, established reputation for exceeding expectations and delivering on-time to our customers.



Many current NPEC employees involved in fabricating our bridges have over several years of experience and we ensure that this extensive held by our staffs are diligently shared and mentored to all employees creating a professional team working on the project.

Steel Bridge Fabricator


NPEC is dedicated to our employees well being and to every aspect of their safety on and off field. We adhere to all aspects of OSHA safety codes and we apply stringent safety measures throughout our operations. We supply up to date safety equipments to our staffs and also train them to use them properly.


At NPEC, we work closely with the construction team, having their vision into confidence and our own experience into the field we work together to build a product as efficiently as possible and respecting time durations.

We, at NPEC supply the complete solution for an engineering marvel. We offer fabricated formworks and shuttering which are based on your requirement. The level of satisfaction we render to our clients is unmatchable. Our services at NPEC take immense pride to state that we have fabricated shutters and formworks with absolute accuracy and perfection to the satisfaction of our customers.

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