#6 Building Construction Methods – Basic Steps In Starting A Building Project

Building Construction Methods: Building construction is a phased work, which is always completed one by one through the completion of the various phases involved. It requires a lot of planning. You need to choose a building site, if you plan to build a home for yourself, you will certainly look for tranquility and natural beauty, in the chaos of modern life and pollution, but almost all the necessary resources in daily life, such as schools-colleges, hospitals, shopping centers, amusement parks and health clubs.

Similarly if you are planning to build a building for your office buildings then you will be looking at the basic needs of electricity, telecommunications, and other necessary infrastructure. Easy access to the area by bus trains and other public transportation is also important, so that employees can go to the offices on time and be able to travel without difficulty in the event of a late or late night shift.

If you are planning to build a complete new building for your house, or office building, or you may have plans to renovate an existing building, or it could be a custom-designed, or functional. The case often arises when the original construction work lacks proper planning, or you have switched to existing buildings.

You need the help of construction companies to do the job well. Very helpful from the planning and implementation of construction, the provision and completion of all types of cases can be a new construction project, customization or construction.

However, the selection of construction companies that will hire the services is very important. You need to do some research on them. Contact several companies, and ask for their details, costs, and time required to complete the project. Always look for a licensed and licensed General contractor, equipped with the latest construction equipment. Analyze past corporate details to get the full view, it will be a decision for you.

Look for construction companies that offer the most advanced and cost-effective construction methods. Some companies have experience in all aspects of construction and some have local knowledge, so choose according to your needs.

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Basic Steps in Starting a Building Project

When there is a plan to build a new building, it is very necessary to have an idea about the start and end of the construction project. The flowchart below shows the flow of construction from the beginning to the end of the construction project.

  1. Planning
  2. Permits
  3. Preparation of Construction Site
  4. Foundation Construction
  5. Superstructure Construction
  6. Punch Lists
  7. Building Warranty Period

Architect’s Role In Building Construction

The first step in building a building is for the house to be built on paper. The builder will listen to your ideas and come up with a design that meets your ideas. When designing a house the expert considers many factors such as: safety, planning rules, limitations and safety regulations.

This means that even if you have a design in mind the architect may not use it if it is not allowed in the area. Experienced architects know all the rules that govern construction in the area so they will let you know what is possible and what is not.

To come up with a good design you will need to have a lot of meetings with professionals and discuss your options.

If you have a financial manager, you should inform the architect of it. Some funders prefer the structure they sponsor so you should sit down with them and review them on the selected construction.

If the architect uses a large company with many employees, he will be responsible for organizing the team and keeping it up to date with the progress of the project.

Site selection

If you have a design in mind, but you have not yet decided on a construction site, the builder will help you find the perfect location for your construction. The expert will look at geography, public resources, government law, climate, rust, soil pressure among many other things.

While some professionals will charge you for this service, others will not particularly if you have a good working relationship.


The materials used in construction are very important as they determine how long the house will last. A professional will help you to visit high-end retail stores.

The architect will need to work with an engineer who will also be very important when choosing building materials.


The builder’s work does not end when he is building a building — it continues until the building is finished. A good professional will first visit the construction site and make sure it is ready. He will also do soil tests to determine if the soil is suitable for construction.

List of construction methods

The list of construction methods includes the processes and techniques used in the construction process. The construction method is important for community engineers; using it properly can help you achieve the results you want. The term construction refers to the construction of tangible buildings such as buildings, bridges or railways. One of the four types of buildings living and building methods are easy to learn in these buildings.

The residential buildings fall into five main categories, including foundations, form, spraying, concrete work and reinforcement.

The foundations provide structural support, transferring their load to areas of land or rock with sufficient carrying capacity and suitable residential features. There are four basic types depending on the carrying capacity. Civil engineers often decide what type of foundation is best suited to the load-bearing capacity.

The structure of the foundation depends on assumptions such as:

Type of load that needs support
Low conditions
The presence of water
Space availability
Sensitivity to noise and vibration

Shallow foundation

Raft or mat foundation

Pile foundation

Strip foundation


Bar bending